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Windows Communication Foundation Session

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These screencasts can be downloaded and would provide a very good jumpstart. It would pick up from where we left off:

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couple of resources on ASP.NET 3.5, please feel free to share with them. They are available at http://asp.net web site from Microsoft.


#1 | ASP.NET AJAX Support in Visual Studio 2008  

#2 | The ListView Control  

#3 | The DataPager Control  

#4 | Visual Studio 2008 and Nested Masterpages  

#5 | New Designer Support in Visual Studio 2008

#6 | JavaScript Intellisense Support in Visual Studio 2008  

#7 | JavaScript Debugging in Visual Studio 2008  

#8 | Multi Targeting Support in Visual Studio 2008  

#9 | IntelliSense for Jscript and ASP.NET AJAX  

#10 | Quick Tour of the Visual Studio 2008 Integrated Development Environment  

#11 | Creating and Modifying a CSS File  

#12 | Adding AJAX Functionality to an Existing ASP.NET Page  

#13 | Creating and Using an AJAX-enabled Web Service in a Web Site  

#14 | [How Do I:] Create a Master Page in Visual Studio 2008  

#15 | [How Do I:] Create Nested Master Page in Visual Studio 2008  

#16 | [How Do I:] Cascading Style Sheets in Visual Studio 2008  

#17 | [How Do I:] Working with Visual Studio 2008 .NET Framework  

#18 | [How Do I:] Adding Elements to a CSS File and Create New CSS on the Fly  

#19 | [How Do I:] Advance Cascading Style Sheet Features and Management  

#20 | [How Do I:] Converting a .NET 2.0 Windows Forms Application to .NET 3.5  

#21 | [How Do I:] Get Started with the Entity Framework  

#22 | [How Do I:] Use the New Entity Data Source  

#23 | ASP.NET AJAX: A demonstration of ASP.NET AJAX  

#24 | [How Do I:] Serialize a Graph with the Entity Framework  

#25 | Watch ASP.NET Development in Action  

#26 | [How Do I:] Use MSBuild to Automate the ASP.NET Compiler and Merge Utilities


Anything for ASP.NET always visit Scott’s Blog at http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/tags/ASP.NET/default.aspx


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C# 3.0 Learning resource

Hands On Labs

LINQ Hands On Labs

LINQ to SQL Hands on Lab

C# 3.0 Language Enhancements Hands On Lab


Overview of C# 3.0

By Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen


LINQ: .NET Language Integrated Query

By Don Box, Anders Hejlsberg


LINQ to SQL: .NET Language-Integrated Query for Relational Data

By Dinesh Kulkarni, Luca Bolognese, Matt Warren, Anders Hejlsberg, Kit George


.NET Language-Integrated Query for XML Data

By Michael Champion


The .NET Standard Query Operators

By Anders Hejlsberg, Mads Torgersen


Visual Studio 2008 Samples


(Above link will always point you to the updated sample)


Scott Guthrie’s Blog Post



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